Return On Inbox provides an array of service plans that can accommodate a wide variety of needs. Whether you are an experienced email marketer simply looking for a sophisticated sending platform or a small business owner in need of experienced campaign planning advice, we have a plan that will fit you.

Campaign Management

downloadOur experienced professionals have developed sophisticated email marketing campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands. Bring that same level of expertise and focus to your next campaign by enlisting our team to help you. By partnering your industry professionals with our email marketing experts you will lay the framework for an inspired campaign strategy that produces results.



We can help with:

  • Goal Setting
  • Audience Targeting
  • Messaging
  • Communication Scheduling and Frequency
  • Performance Monitoring and Testing
  • Design and Production Services

Design and Production Services

Hand-drawn light bulb over bright colorful blots of paint, on whJust doing email marketing is not enough. Your communications need to be crisp, clear, consistent, and concise. But most importantly, they need to get delivered. Our experts make the difference by ensuring that every email you send reaches the inbox looking exactly as you intended.






We can help with:

  • Email Design and Layout
  • HTML Email Construction
  • Email Client Testing (Design, Delivery, Spam Filtering)
  • Campaign Design (List Segmentation and Send Scheduling)
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Database Marketing

List Building

pr-release-newspapers-fly-out-of-a-laptopNow days you need to be doing more than collecting email addresses. You need a comprehensive database marketing strategy that goes beyond list growth and focuses on business intellegence. Our experts can look at the data that you are collecting and begin identifying target audiences based on demographic, geographic, behavior, opinion, and purchase history analysis.




We can help with:

  • Target Audience Research
  • Customer and Prospect Data Audit
  • Define Target Audience Segments
  • CRM Data Integration
  • Communication Targeting
  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Business-Intelligence-ToolsEmail marketing is evolving and so is the role of the email marketer. Instead of measuring the effectiveness of a single email campaign, marketers are now measuring the performance of automation based scenarios, allowing them to find the sequence of emails or events that are most effective. Let us show you how to take advantage of these new advances in marketing and communication.






We can help with:

  • Easily produce automated email, web and event marketing activities
  • Improve response/success rates for email campaign effectiveness
  • Develop and implement productive automated scenarios
  • Quickly analyze and calculate meaningful ROI
  • Segment and nurture prospects while reducing the time and resources needed for the campaign-to-execution cycle
  • Testing and Analysis

Testing and Analysis

BrookSEO-Email-CampaignsBeyond bounces and clicks. We can determine message strength through subject line testing and email version success through advanced split level testing. Most importantly we can determine the overall success of your campaigns in real dollars by tying the response back to your CRM closing the loop between marketing and sales.






We can help with:

  • Subject Line and Message Testing
  • Split and Multivariate Email Testing
  • Spam Filter and Delivery Analysis
  • Real Time Campaign Reporting
  • Complex Campaign Performance Dashboards


logra-tus-objetivos-propuestos_x2An important part of your online marketing campaign will be to target customers who have already purchased from you or already visited your site and are interested in your products and/or services. Re-targeting of this key segment is very important.






We can help with:

  • Defining the Re-Targeting Audience
  • Managing Re-Targeting Campaign
  • Managing Re-Targeting Budget
  • ROI Reporting of Re-Targeting Effort

Email Marketer

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