Experience A Better Cloud

In the past you had your server at work and files where not accessible from anywhere else.  Why not put your files and documents in the cloud where you will have access to them 24/7 from anywhere in the world?

File Sharing

Need to share a file with a customer but don’t want to give them access to your whole server? Now you can simply share a single document or folder without having to create a new user. Work with all your files using the handy file explorer and organize your documents no matter if your a Windows or Mac user.


Real-time collaboration on your private cloud

Work seamlessly together on documents and spreadsheets on a safe and secure private cloud. Every edit you make will be synced ensuring sensitive corporate data remains safely stored.

Full Content Search

Manage terabytes of data, keeping everything organized and quickly available manually can be challenging, especially when you have multiple users storing files. An integrated lean, highly integrated, and swift search engine which performs deep indexation of all your files, so you can rapidly find everything with a few keystrokes is essential.

Real-time collaboration

real-time collaboration on online documents. Multiple team members can work simultaneously on a single version of the same document.

24/7 Accessibility

Imagine not having to worry about not bringing files home. Or having someone forward them to you because your sick or working from home. Everything is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Get Cloud Server

learn more about Cloud Server options and if it’s right for your business.