Deliverability Consulting

Our team has over 30 combined years in email experience, specifically in email deliverability and knowing how mailbox providers tick. We specialize in everything from technical know-how to effective customer engagement strategies. Learn about our two packages below.

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Our Services

We start with a no cost initial consultation, similar to when you are at a doctor’s office. We have a bevy of questions to go over, so we can get a real feel of your email program and how we can assist.

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ROI Insight

A one time report that covers your whole email program as discussed on call. Findings will include detailed fixes and insights into how to improve your program. 

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ROI Gold

A full suite consulting service, billed monthly where we work with you hand in hand to achieve your goals whatever they may be.

ROI Insight


A one time report, that covers two top-level domains with an additional charge for more domains.

Scope of work:

  • Technical analysis:
    • Custom returnpath checks
    • IP and domain configuration review
    • Blacklist reports
    • Bounce reports
  • Sending Habits:
    • Top level domain vs. subdomain strategy
    • Streams of mail configuration 
    • Engagement and re-engagement campaigns
    • Complaint reporting
  • Content:
    • Review of current emails
    • Subject lines
    • Link Tracking
      • Opens 
      • Clicks
  • Health at current mailbox provider
    • Snapshots 
    • Inbox placement (if applicable)
    • IP reputation


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ROI Gold

A full suite consultation service billed monthly, that covers two top-level domains with an additional charge for more domains.

Scope of work:

  • Everything included in the one-time offering
    • Work with team advising on how to achieve fixes 
  • Access to team members via email and follow-up conversations via Google Hangouts as needed

  • Optimization of sending habits
    • Domains
    • Streams
    • Multi-channel
  • Engagement & re-engagement strategies

  • Ongoing monitoring and remediation via third party tooling
    • Blacklistings
    • IP reputation
    • Domain reputation
    • Complaint monitoring

  • Monthly report and meeting to reviewing account performance