The Perfect Landing Page. Landing page examples and 12 tips – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

However, there is a problem with this type of landing page, and you can probably spot it! It’s not mobile responsive, so isn’t effective on Smartphone. So today we see a much longer-form landing page…

landing page example - long form - Sales force

The initial type of three column tabbed design doesn’t work well at all well on a smartphone, so the second design is a mobile responsive page which naturally tends to be longer and can typically only support two columns. Second, consumer behaviour has changed such that with so many landing pages it can be more difficult to get people to disclose their details, so there is often a two phase data capture where data is captured at the next stage. Thirdly, testing has shown that longer form pages with more content, building an argument can persuade better for a major investment in time such as starting a trial.